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Sunday February 12, 2017
So much for my countdown module. After all the testing I did the last two days, it failed after the first new episode. Commented out for now while I figure it out.
Saturday February 11, 2017
Countdown problem resolved and I think I have fixed all concerns with the new "Walking Dead Countdown To The Next Episode" counter. This is a complete rewrite using my own coding. The previous countdown used some code borrowed from other sources but now if it breaks, it's all my fault. This one is a little more autonomous and shows "on now" text when the show is on and then switches back to the countdown to the next episode after the episode. It will also remove itself from the page if there are no known new episodes scheduled. Tested in IE11, FireFox, and Chrome. Future plans? Maybe make it more dynaic so it can be used for counting down other shows. That would require busting out the episodes array, show copy, and links, adding target containers, and a few other tweaks.
Friday February 10, 2017
Argghhh! This is why I hate coding! Try to write a simple countdown module and it's counting up. I need to go watch the Avengers Infinity Wars filming announcement again and take my mind off stupid counters for a while.
Monday February 06, 2017
I was thinking last month I should start boning up on Angular 2 in case I need to use it in the future but the use of Angular in general in my current position looks to be bleak as the main proponent on the team is moving to another team. So any Angular stuff I do here on the DOH! Network will probably be Angular 1 so if any of our current Angular stuff breaks I will hopefully be able to resolve it. Now to get motivated to make something.