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Monday January 16, 2017
I was thinking of updating the DOH! Network Game Stats page yesterday with TypeScript and Angular 2 to include locked achievements and older games but trying to set up TypeScript and Angular 2 proved to be a pain in the neck that took longer than expected and I lost interest. Should I event do it in Angular anyway since I need to convert the DOH! Network Movie Trailers page to PHP so it can be spidered by search engines? The TypeScript/Angular waste of time turned me off to doing any coding today anyway so I will think on it.
I finished StarCraft: Legacy of the Void a couple of days ago. Great continuation and conclusion to the story but I don't like games that rush you to get to the objective before you are ready. I prefer to take my time and wipe out all enemies before completing a level. I think there were only two levels that allowed me to do that. And then there were a couple of levels where even on "Casual Gamer" I just managed to complete the objective before being overrun by the enemy.
Now that StarCraft is complete, I have jumped back into Bioshock. If you are like me and purchased Bioshock outside of Steam, Take 2 Games will upgrade your copy of Bioshock to the remastered HD Steam version. Create a ticket with them telling them what version you have, they will ask you for some info and then will send you a key that you can activate in Steam to get the original and HD versions of Bioshock. One thing I have noticed is Bioshock brings back that '90s nostalgia of games like Doom and Quake where you would have to constantly save when going into new areas as you are pretty much guaranteed to die on the first try.
Monday January 02, 2017
I think I have slipped into the category of people who buy games during the Steam Christmas Sale with no intention of playing them. Unreal Tournament 3: Black Edition was on sale but for like a dollar more I could also get Unreal Gold, Unreal II: The Awakening, Unreal Tournament: Game of the Year Edition, and Unreal Tournament 2004, none of which with the exception of UT2004 that I would ever want to play. I may still have a UT2004 server on the DOH! Network servers and UT2004 has trading cards so I might need to boot that up for a few rounds. I'm still waiting to reach the level where Steam does random card drops that I have heard rumors about.
Sunday January 01, 2017
Looks like the last thing to die in 2016 was me being able to call myself a gamer as I had to switch to `casual` skill level on StarCraft: Legacy of the Void about 10 levels in. With each level taking about 30 minutes to complete and to be overrun near the final objective can get pretty annoying. I have to go back to work soon. I don't have time for the Zerg or Terrans to be overrunning my base over and over again. I did switch back to `normal` on the following level but have not been getting all the achievements. Oh to have more time to game. How much longer till retirement?