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Wednesday August 09, 2017
Finally figured out what was up with the headset mic. Turns out there is a mute switch on the cord that was set to mute. Don't know why the mic worked when I was testing it before going in the game though.
The modal code has been updated. Now it looks like the DOH! Network Movies version. Now to track down which pages are using the older versions and update them.
I think I finally figured out async unit testing in Intern with Angular today. At least my code review was approved and looks like it works when testing for success or errors after making an async call. After spending the last two days trying to figure out chai spies, a simple Angular $httpBackend call was all that was required. Something like this... $httpBackend.whenPOST('apiCalls.updateInputState').respond(200); or $httpBackend.whenPOST('apiCalls.updateInputState').respond(500);
Monday August 07, 2017
Another "Play of the Game" in Overwatch. This time as Bastion. His Ultra is to turn into a little tank with a big gun. I arrived just in time to help push th payload in for the win with 3 kills. Headset's still not working right though. The speakers are and Bastion sounds a lot better on those than the monitor speakers but the mic is still m.i.a. I should check for new soundcard and headset drivers tomorrow before I start playing. Still need to update the modal too.
Tuesday August 01, 2017
Managed to get my first "Play of the Game" today in Overwatch. The vid shows what a bad shot I am but the game has the option to save your video so I did just to say I can. I need to update the video modal to the DOH! Network Movies version. Maybe break it out to a module. That would be nice.