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Saturday October 08, 2016
Plex Media Server not starting on Slackware Linux on reboot? I tried a couple of different things but eventually got it to start by doing this...

While logged in as the root user or sudo user, type the following to make that file exectuable.

chmod +x /etc/rc.plexmediaserver
chmod 755/etc/rc.plexmediaserver
crontab -e

Add @reboot /usr/local/plexmediaserver/ --daemon to your crontab. Reboot and check if Plex Media Server is running.

./rc.plexmediaserver -start|-stop|-restart doesn't work but it at least gets Plex running on reboot. I need to dig into it more to figure out what's up with that.

Saturday October 01, 2016
Last week there was an outage as the DOH! Network servers power supply needed to be replaced. In the aftermath, email services were down for a few days. Email users were receiving 550 5.7.1 ... Relaying denied errors. The issue was resolved when our technicians found the resolve.conf file did not have the proper nameservers listed. Adding the nameserver IPs to the file corrected the issue.
Sample resolve.conf file content: nameserver