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Wednesday February 21, 2024
Steam downloaded an update for the Tribes V3: Rivals demo a couple of days ago. I managed to get the splash screenbut then an error message stating 'the game is currently down for maintenance` popped up. DOH!
Thursday February 15, 2024
I always think I should update the site to use React since I use it at work so much and it would be good to familiarize myself with it better but looking at some code I had to update that I did not write originally this week, I was thinking to myself, "There is no way I would write code like this". Not to say the code was wrong but it is way more complex than the stuff I am use to writing. I'm guessing it is done this way to take advantage of React and TypeScript but it is really hard to figure out what it is doing some times.
Sunday February 04, 2024
Arrrrggghhhh! Turns out there was a missing letter in a class name causing me all my troubles with the SVG tutorial I was doing. Now that it is working, can you find where I used it?
Saturday February 03, 2024
So it has been three months since the DOH! Network secure certificates were created and they have expired and the things I did last time don't apply this time. Apparently, I don't have a valid CAA record and while Let's Encrypt doesn't require it, it gets hung up when requesting new certificates. Also, my DMARC record broke some time ago. Probably when I rebuilt the server. I tried some stuff but now I need to wait for the DNS to update
UPDATE: While trying to fix the CAA issue, I noticed some issues when running /etc/rc.d/rc.bind restart. The error returned was Starting BIND: /usr/sbin/named -u named WARNING: named did not start. Attempting to start named again: /usr/sbin/named -u named FAILED: Sorry, a second attempt to start named has also failed. There may be a configuration error that needs fixing. Good luck!
I could not find anything digging around until I ran named-checkconf /etc/named.conf. /etc/named.conf:71: zone '': missing 'primaries' entry. The fourth site! When setting up and, I set as a slave type in the zone file. Apparently more info is needed when setting up a slave. Switching it to master fixed the bind issue. Secure certificates for everyone!!
During all my trying to fix the secure certificates, I redid Alien Bob's Dehydrated Setup Guide with no luck. I got closer with AcmePhp and manually adding the secure certificates it gave but using the local folder set up the Dehydrated guide gave so I didn't have to go into each directory and could set up all certificates in one place. Then I ran php acmephp.phar check -s http I screwed up the QuaakePark one and it would not update no matter what I did. Running /usr/bin/dehydrated -c finally resolved the issue and created secure certificates for all. Huzzah! So both AcmePhp and Dehydrated work and it was a bad zone file set up that was preventing them from running.
Friday February 02, 2024
Don't you hate when you go through a tutorial typing out everything while watching the video and going back and forth and pausing trying to keep up only to reach the end and it doesn't even work?