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Sunday February 18, 2018
I just had to jump in to the Overwatch Practice Range beacuse the last couple of times I played Lucio, when we start off to take the point, instead of making everybody run faster, I healed everybody. I realized I was playing Lucio all wrong. I thought I confused 'left shift' and 'e' as doing healing and speed but 'left-shift' actually toggles between healing and speed and 'e' makes the selected one more powerful. I hope nobody on my team noticed. Also of note, holding the right mouse button when playing as Zenyatta amps up his Orbs of Destruction shooting up to 5 at one time, pressing 'e' a second time as Mei turns her Ice Wall 90°, and pressing 'q' a second time, lets Symmetra construct a shield instead of a teleporter. Level 105 and I'm just figuring this stuff out now?
Friday February 02, 2018
Not too shabby! Played four different heroes in Overwatch today and got Play of the Game using three of them. I would upload the clips but for some reason, whenever I try to export a video now, the export crashes.
Thursday February 01, 2018
My attempt to buy up all the hero voice lines in Overwatch would be more productive if Blizzard would stop releasing new content. When you achieve a new level or win in the arcade, you are awarded a loot box with free stuff and if you get a duplicate, you receive coins that can be used to purchase other items. Voice lines and sprays are the cheapest items at 25 coins each. Instead of buying high priced skins or emotes, I have been using any coins earned to get cheaper voice lines figuring if I buy them all, the loot boxes will be forced to give me something I don't have or more coins. I think it's working in that I get a lot of sprays now. Sprays seem to be the most often awarded items in loot boxes with an occasional voice line I haven't purchased or maybe a victory pose or repainted player skin for a character I don't play. I managed to buy all of the voice lines I can for the top row of heroes and almost all of the last row but next week's Year of the Dog event will screw up my progress with a bunch of new skins, sprays and I'm sure more voice lines. DOH!