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Monday September 13, 2016
Update on my goal to learn how to Hang 5. I lowered my GT pegs down the forks. Hopefully they are low enough. Also put air in the tires. Chores prevented me from going any further.
Friday September 09, 2016
Monday September 05, 2016
After spending a bunch of time getting contenteditable elements working on the Angular comments module, I added a max character count and realized I could have just made it a text area with a fixed height of just over 500 characters since it's good to limit the amount of data that can be entered in a comment. A contenteditable element is better if the browser is narrow I suppose. 500 characters in a narrow textarea would add a vertical scroll when the content gets too long where the contenteditable element will expand to show all the text so I will keep it as is for now but it's something to think about for the next time I added user entered content elements.
I was just thinking as I burned a CD for DairyQueen that I don't use my CD/DVD ROM drive near as much as I use to thanks to downloading games using Steam. At one point I had a CD burner, a DVD reader and a DVD burner in my computer becuase I was always switching out discs. And don't get me started on when Amazing Barry gave me Rise of the Robots and it was 128 floppy discs. Kids these days will never knw real suffering.
Sunday September 04, 2016
The Angular comments module dropdown is working. It's just a standard select button at the moment. I will update it to a nicer looking one later but for now, I still need to fix the default state label. I thought I knew what would fix it but it ended up changing the 'Date' label to 'Name' so I could only sort once.
Saturday September 03, 2016
I screwed up on the Angular comments module and added a new character count feature that was not part of my original goal. Need to get back on track and add replies to existing comments and a sort by date or user dropdown. It's coming along nicely though. I might add a change user dropdown so I can test what happens between users but that shouldn't be too difficult right? Let's hope not. I took a break and did some updates to my game stats page to add hours played and revise the number of achievements. That page is built with PHP getting all the data from an XML but could be updated to use Angular and a JSON file. I made a PHP file that will convert XMLs to JSON format using SimpleXML that will work as an APi to retrieve info from so it's already got that going for it.