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Wednesday May 10, 2017
The DOH! Network Achievement Stats page is looking better. No visual changes but the api calls to load game data have been broken down to get the info from the first api and then subsequent game apis. Next up, currently the online status module and achievement stats page both make api calls for the same api. What if I make the online status load the api and save that data so the achievement stats module doesn't need to request it again? Hmmmm...
Stupid free to play Fallout Shelter! I started building one shelter and had trouble keeping the diner operating because of its location compared to the power supply. Started a new shelter thinking I had it all figured out but then couldn't build 3-wide rooms on one side of the elevators. Finally rage quit and destroyed both shelters and started over. Hopefully this one goes better.
Monday May 08, 2017
I really need to figure out how to get the security certs to update automatically because having to manually update the certs every three months is a pain not to mention the broken page that occurs when I don't renew it in time and it has to propagate out.
Found another feature I built taht needs to be updated to handle error better. The Squeezebox went down so the `Now Playing` icon broke. I reworked the `Online Status` module over the weekend to make it more modular but it took longer than expected so I never got to fixing that in the case of a Steam API outage. The e-cards don't work. What else is broken?
Sunday May 07, 2017
Interesting Website of the Day Award goes to Amazing use of CSS transitions and MP4 video makes for a smooth experience while reading their current edition featuring John Wick. With no Flash, site creator Hybrid Studios has created a super impressive online magazine for the modern assassins to stay on top of the latest fashion trends and won CSS Design Awards's February 2017 Website of the Day Award. If you are interested in building a site with smooth content transitions using javascript and css, The Continental Quarterly and Hybrid Studios' other sites are a good source for inspiration on how to do it well.