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Monday March 06, 2017
I had big plans on Friday to redo the DOH! Network Game Stats page to use Grunt and Sass to familiarize myself with those but stupid Angular took four days to get the page looking like the previous PHP version and that's not even with the latest version of Angular. Now that that is done, I need a break from looking at that page. Maybe next month. One thing I did figure out while doing the update is that PHP can be used to retrieve unsecured data like the MineCraft server info through GameDig on the DOH! Network Game Servers page.
Friday March 03, 2017
My place of business has officially declared we will no longer support Internet Explorer 9 or 10. Hopefully developers everywhere will have the same luck this year. No more having to do var target = || event.srcElement when getting the element a user clicked, having to write a bunch of javascript to limit a text field or display a date in a particular culture.