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Saturday June 30, 2018
The new patch for Overwatch is out and I have to say, the new Symmetra is a pain in the neck. You have to constantly be watching for enemy mini turrets popping up behind you and at least for me, when I throw down a teleporter it is never in a useful spot. I think I'm still expecting the moving shield so I constantly mash the buttons looking for it. One nice new feature is when opening a loot box, you get to see what you are getting a duplicate of now. I bought up all the 25¢ voice lines and sprays but was seeing duplicates show up. Mousing over them reveals they are actually duplicates and I received so many credits for them. I oftern wondered what I was getting a duplicate of me that got me an increase in credits.
My Logitech G110 keyboard seems to be dying from time to time when playing Overwatch. Most recently I was in a fight we were winning the other day when I started going backwards uncontrollably. The S key gets stuck intermittently and I end up trying to shoot the enemy while going in circles. I have to keep and extra keyboard nearby to use when I play but can't ditch the Logitech completely because I get the best headset chat volume when plugged into the keyboard for some reason.
Saturday June 24, 2018
I was just noticing the other day while getting gas that the back of my suv had spider webs around the windshield wiper. What happened to I use to wash my Z every Saturday morning back in the day to now the only rinsing my truck has seen is the last time it rained?
Thanks to NOPAL for the old Netgear router. I was able to change the firmware to DD-WRT and use it as a wireless bridge replacing my Linksys router I have been using for years to up the security on the Squeezebox for streaming music. The Linksys worked mostly well but every couple of songs I would get screeching noise that I assume was the loss of signal strength caused by using a router as a repeater. The Linsys lives on though as a wireless bridge for the Samsung tv that lost its wifi shortly after the warranty expired.