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Tuesday March 19, 2024

Overwatch 2 game director Aaron Keller posted a video today unveiling changes coming to Overwatch 2. They aren't reverting to 6 on 6 or bringing back teamwork but they are making all characters accessible to everyone at launch of the new characters. That's a step in the right direction. I'm not one to spend additional money on a game for a new players that I probably won't like. They are also bringing more maps (I'm not a fan of Push maps) and plan to rework classic maps. We'll have to wait until after Season 12 for the reworks but some maps have already had some reworks. I haven't played it since the launch of OW2 so I haven't noticed. Check out the Developer Update | Hero Releases, Mythics, and More video for yourself.

Friday March 15, 2024
Thursday March 07, 2024

Lately, I have been checking in code at work and then the next day, while working on something else, the previous day's code is not working. Is it me? Or is something changing on the components I am using? Could my browser be caching some messed up version? Am I losing my mind? Hmmmmm...