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Friday August 10, 2018
Finally finished my Asteroids game in JavaScript. I should try to recreate it now in TypeScript. freeCodeCamp's Code Asteroids in JavaScript (1979 Atari game) - tutorial was easy to follow along with. The almost 3 hour video took me a couple of hours every night all week though. Remember to test it alot when building it yourself or else you will have to watch large chunks of video over again to figure out where you went wrong. I'd like to add a high scores top 10 list saved to a database, let users enter their initials when they are in the top 10, and miscellaneous other little changes in future updates. Look for those coming soon. Maybe.
Overwatch's Summar Games are here again. Time for some Lucioball and new Summer Game skins, sprays, voice lines, etc. Check it out, today!
Quake Champions is now officially Free to Play. Guess they gave up trying to get people to buy the base game and just hope to make some money with add ons like everybody else. I spent many hours on Quake, Quake II, Quake III, Quake III: Team Arena, and even some Quake IV and Quake Live but with so many other games out there now, it's hard to pick up another one that doesn't even have an alt fire. I think last time I tried a Quake Champions free weekend, my computer chugged. I'll have to load it up again and see if maybe I'm thinking of Doom.
Wednesday August 08, 2018
The latest update to MineCraft has dolphins and turtles. Sweet! There's supposed to be kelp but I don't see it on the DOH! Network MineCraft server. Hope I don't have to kill the existing world and start a new one.