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Thursday November 23, 2017
The new map Overwatch World has rolled out on Blizzard's PTR test servers. It looks really cool. Hopefully it doesn't have a big open area for snipers like Junkertown.
Tuesday November 21, 2017
The Steam Autumn Sale starts tomorrow, November 22 and runs through the 28th. Hopefully there are some sweet deals.
Friday November 14, 2017
Friday November 10, 2017
Ok. The DOH! Network Minecraft server is running but the issue with it not showing on the Game Servers page is something with the server not being able to load gamedig. I'll have to check the server config. There must be something I am forgetting from the time I originally set up gamedig. It works if the internal ip is used in the command line. So maybe port forwarding needs to be set for Node's port 3000.
Thursday November 09, 2017
It's time for another Overwatch Free Weekend. The new healer, Moira, will be available on the regular servers but if you want to try her out now, check out the PTR servers where she is currently being play tested.