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Thursday January 25, 2024
Wednesday January 24, 2024
Monday January 15, 2024
Thursday January 11, 2024
End of the month is coming and I am getting Let's Encrypt emails stating that my secure certificates are going to expire. Fingers crossed my cron job works and renews them automatically. If not, the secure DOH! Network might not work for a bit.
I was playing some Left 4 Dead 2 over on the DeathCon server the other day. It says it's set for normal but it looks like it is a little tougher than I remember normal skill level being. The internet has some discussions about Left 4 Dead 2 servers being set for normal but ignoring that setting and being the toughest level. I'll have to dig in to that some more but I would not be surprised. I see the welcome screen no longer lets you link to a web page either so there is just a boring welcome message when you join. This has been an issue for a while apparently. Back in the good old days when the DOH! Network had a Left 4 Dead 2 server, it would display an image from the game and random quotes from zombie movies. You can still check that out here.
Monday January 01, 2024 is back online for 2024. Go check out the site and go back in time to relive some silly memories as it looks like the old versions of the site have been resurrected. Hopefully it doesn't include the Great JavaScript Prank of 2004. There is also a DeathCon Left 4 Dead 2 server running. If you don't currently own it, you can get your own copy Left 4 Dead 2 for 99¢ from Steam until January 4.