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Sunday December 17, 2023
I wish every how to was as easy as Eric Hameleers' "Slackware for x86_64 - multilib packages & build instructions" that allows you to run 32bit software without changing Slackware64 or any 32bit packages. Adding this support lets the DOH! Network run game servers like Half-Life 2 Deathmatch and Left 4 Dead 2.
Sunday December 17, 2023
Sunday December 17, 2023

Significant progress has been made on Site 3, and we're excited to announce that the launch is coming soon! We're currently working on fixing a few items, including the implementation of form validation for comments and other features.

Why is my youtube feed full of Depeche Mode concert videos and slot cars?

Monday December 04, 2023 and are both working now as http/https and with www. Site number 3 is also working at http but not the www version. The issue here was always lived in the base folder pointed to by httpd.conf. Moving dohnetwork into a subfolder of that and moving site three alongside dohnetwork fixed that issue. There are a couple of items that are not working like the nav not going forward only back that still need to be worked on and I was thinking of adding comments to it before it goes live. Still need to look into the www issue and see if I can get ssl working on it. Site four is still totally dead.

Sunday December 03, 2023

It's interesting to see all the ways you can break a website so it will not show up. I'm working on four different sites. and were moved from one location on the server to another and are both working. works but does not. A third site that was working but moved to be next to dohnetwork says it is forbidden when you try to go to and even when it was working, I could not get the secure certificate stuff to recognize it. And the fourth site that was working as stopped working like a week ago on its own before I ever tried to move anything. Weird.

All sites are listed in /etc/hosts. Hmmmm... Looking. Looking. Ah, ServerAlias apparently doesn't work in httpd-ssl.conf. You need two virtual hosts. One for and one for One down, two to go.

Saturday December 02, 2023